The Parnassian Meadows is one of the older territories in Sparkling Creek Valley, and one with a rich diversity of landscapes. It sits at the foothills of the Croal Mountains to the west, and only a few miles from the Breve Ridges.

Most of the land is moderately hilly, with several stretches of flatlands and a great mixture of meadows, taigas, and forests. The meadow ares are particularly known for their abundance of flowering plants, and an unusual high concentration of Parnassian Butterflies.


Snowstar was the first recorded leader of the land. The she-wolf moved into the land in early 2002, and remained in the area by herself until a male wolf by the name of KaPu attempted to claim the land for himself. Snowstar held her ground, retaining leadership, but inviting the male in as a subordinate. Later in July, another male, Niko, joined the pack and became the gamma male.

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