Name: Incalia

Gender: Female

Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown

Breed: 50% Rottweiler, 50% German Shepherd

Date Of Birth: 2002

Date Entering the Valley: December 30th, 2006

Date of Death: N/A

Height: 24"

Weight: 110 lbs

Description: Big and bulky. She has a long muscular body thats black and brown in color. A long bushy tail and a strong scissor bite.

Littermates Unknown

Offspring: Akki, Ardeth, Assari, Bandit, Dante, Dynas, Ghoul, Harrow, Huerosan, Kamari, Kihaku, Malacath, Onslaught, Vaermina, Stillborn

Bloodline in the ValleyEdit

Offspring: 11

Descendants: 21

Generations: 2

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